Teaching Music the Right Way- Interactions with Ashrita D’Souza

Aspiring to be a singer or a musician doesn’t take much of an effort. But becoming one accomplished artist would definitely need much more than an effort. It needs thorough understanding of oneself as a person, the limitations, technicalities and unique qualities. These aspects churn out a gifted artist who is a thorough individual and not just an imitation of an existing popular one. Ashrita D’Souza, vocal and piano instructor and head of Strings and Tunes, Secunderabad has got this knack quite at ease.

Speaking about transforming the voice in particular for singing, she says, “ Training a vocalist is more challenging than teaching an instrument because the instrument itself is voice here. Human voice is susceptible to slightest changes and that’s where the real challenge comes from. As part of my institute Strings and Tunes, I am looking forward to educate people about the technicalities of voice and discover the power of human voice in singing. “ She has also conducted two successful vocal singing workshops at Lamakaan and Phoenix Arena earlier this month and now geared up for another 2-day vocal training workshop at the Gallery Café in the end of June.

Ashrita also spoke about how well learning an instrument can help a singer to get attuned to the right pitch. She says, “ when the singer themselves play an instrument, a great vibe exchange happens between the both. That itself is greatly helpful in creating the right pitch and improvement in technical expertise.”

Her exclusive choir Meraki is a group of sprightful young singers who are performing Jazz classics like What a Wonderful World and incidentally, Ashrita herself composes the harmonies for these cover versions. She also believes in ear training to be most essential for any artist and learning music theory is always an add-on advantage for aspiring songwriters out there. Ashrita has immense love for her homeground Western Classical Music but also loves to perform Jazz numbers and even old Hindi classics just for a change.

When asked about her association with students in her institute, she gave a wonderful reply. “The relationship between a real teacher and student cannot be commercial at any point. Unless there is something emotionally bonded, a real knowledge exchange cannot happen.” Speaking of advising the aspiring youngsters who are eager to learn music, the golden advice she has given is to find the right teacher and follow the correct technicalities- because using the voice in the wrong direction can also cause irreparable damage to the tonal quality!

ArtHub is immensely grateful to be associated with a gifted artist and a great Western Classical teacher such as Ashrita D’Souza and her institute Strings and Tunes.