The Need

Artists throughout the world are facing challenges after COVID 19 pandemic has taken over the world. There are no live concerts for the past 12 months and as a result many artists are facing financial difficulties, specially those who are extremely good and were relying only on performances for their livelihood. This would continue for at least 6-10 months until a vaccine is available to the masses.
Particularly in India, artists are under lot of financial pressure as government does not provide healthcare or any other financial support in general or such times. Many artists have lost lives due to pandemic leaving their families also in despair. If artists are not supported in these difficult times, this could trigger in them finding other avenues of income generation such as jobs outside art field. This will in the long run impact the art form as artists will lose their confidence in earning through concerts only.

Our Mission

Support artists who are full time performers and are reliant on performing arts for their livelihood.
Create a transparent echo system to make it possible for patrons to support artists. Find opportunities for artists to perform online, specifically those who are lesser known, do not have access to opportunities and connections. Develop knowledge bank for sharing knowledge among communities and save the
rich traditions for posterity.

Criteria for selection of artist

To apply online with details of biography, years of experience

  • Proof that they are relying on music as the single source of earnings.
  • Are involved in Indian classical arts such as Hindustani or Carnatic vocals, instrumental or dances.
  • Have a track record of performing for last 5 years (photographs/video links will suffice).
  • Be endorsed and recommended by their Guru (master) and another senior artist.

Be part of this initiative by becoming a sponsor in one of the categories as below


Sponsorship Type Support Expectation of the Artist Financial Accurance of the Artist Monthly Support
Bronze Partial Support to an Artist 4 Online concerts of the Artist INR 1,000 per Month $ 15/Month or £ 10/Month
Silver 1 Individual Artist 4 Online concerts of the Artist INR 2,000 per Month $ 30/Month or £ 20/Month
Gold 1 Family, whose main bread winner is an Artist 6 Online concerts of the Artist INR 10,000 per Month $ 150/Month or £ 100/Month
Corporate Platinum 5 Families or 10 Artists 4-6 Online concerts of the Artist INR 2,000 per Month per Artist $ 300/Month or £ 200/Month

Recognition for the Sponsor (unless specified to be anonymous)

  • Your name to appear during concert and on website as sponsor.
  • You will be sent regular update of artist who are enrolled in the scheme.
  • Your support will not be identified with an individual, however you will know the city, state and their faculty, i.e. their specialization.