Giving Whistle a Classical Status

What does the term whistle immediately triggers to anyone’s mind? It is something which is inevitably associated with casualness, free spirit and also something which is done in leisure time. A person usually whistles to give a feeling that they don’t bother much about what they are doing! But one gifted artist has seen the unexpected from whistle by becoming the Whistle Maestro in India for Carnatic Classical Music. He is none other than Sivaprasad Komaravolu, one of the celebrated disciples of legendary Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna.

The journey of Sivaprasad in musical realm hasn’t been an easy one. It was filled with great challenges, interesting experiences and innovative thought. This extremely talented and joyful artist faced lot of objections when he decided to pursue carnatic music through whistle. The obvious reason for it is because- Carnatic Classical Music is gamaka based and whistle is something which is too tough to attain it. But with lot of dedication, breath control and practice, Sivaprasad mastered the artist of Classical Whistle and has been giving various concerts nationwide and even in international arena.

A strong devotee of Bhagawan Satya Sai Baba, Sivaprasad is quite spiritual at heart and believes in the divine power when it comes to his flourishing career. He is also continuing the legacy of his guru Balamurali Krishna in terms of friendly approach towards teaching, trying out rare compositions and also the knack of finding young talent. His recent show hosted by Sanatana Vaibhavam in Ravindra Bharati , Hyderabad featured whistle ensemble along with his student Master Phani Teja on the mandolin. The programme enthralled the audience which fused a unique concept named “Wind on Strings” for its unique approach towards Indian Classical Music.

As a person,Sivaprasad is quite an optimist personality with great mindset to offer service to Carnatic Music. Just like his guru, he believes in the bhava aspect of every composition and expects his students to follow the same. He also hopes to see more youngsters taking up whistle as a artistic career but also gives an heads up about being disciplined, and having regular practice. Sivaprasad will be touring to United Kingdom for an experimental programme where he will be performing along with a Kathak artist Mukti Shri. He will also be touring to USA in late June for a string of interesting concerts ahead!

The world of Carnatic Music definitely needs more artists and teachers like Sivaprasad who are bringing a new meaning to the teaching methods and also on how to perform by going straight to the audience’s hearts.

ArtHub is proud to be associated with an artist like Sivaprasad and when asked about the initiative, the artist has given due credit to Dr Shrinivas Mukku for the great thought. Sivaprasad also feels that ArtHub is the need of the hour for artists around the globe to get connected.

Apart from Carnatic Music, Sivaprasad also enjoys performing semi classical, devotional numbers and at times even eternal classics from Bollywood and Tollywood.