The Europe Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is a law or a regulation which was adopted by European commission and start of enforcement is effective from 25 May 2018. This regulation has great impact on organisations across the globe who handle personal data of EU citizens or within European Union.

When you/ our customers have chosen ArtHub as online networking platform, Artist Link would like to brief you on the data related roles & responsibilities and our efforts to fulfil requirements of the GDPR.

Artist Link as the Data Controller

ArtHub is a mobile networking platform designed to connect with artists and organisers worldwide.
Being an online networking platform, ArtHub acts as the Data controller and has primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with GDPR.

We process personal information for certain legitimate Business interests in line with GDPR. Some of them are list below

  • where processing enables us to improve, update or personalize our service/communications for the benefit of our customers
  • to identify and prevent fraud
  • to ensure our system’s safe and secure

As the controller for your personal data, we are committed to protecting the privacy and data security of you and our customers around the world.

GDPR Preparations

Completing a GDPR Audit
Earlier this year we completed a company-wide internal audit of Artist Link to identify and map out the personal data we hold and to allow us to identify any areas where we would have to work on to achieve GDPR compliance. The GDPR audit was supported with a road-map for compliance which we have been working through.

Updating our Privacy & Cookie Policy

We updated Privacy & Cookie policy to meet the GDPR regulations. These policies explain how we use your data and what rights you have under the new regulation. We believe this helps to bring more transparency and strengthens our mutual relationship.

White-papers & Blog Posts

We will provide customers with resources and helpful information about privacy and GDPR, including white-papers and blog posts.

Ensuring right policies and training’s in place

We ensure our staff both in the UK and India who access and process customer’s data, have training on data protection, security and maintain confidentiality of that data.

Making sure the third parties who we work with are also GDPR compliant

We are committed to GDPR regulations and making sure that all our third party service providers and vendors we work with are also GDPR compliant.

At Artist Link, we give our best to deliver an incredible customer experience and earning the trust of users. We will continue to make required changes whenever needed and make sure that our clients and partners are informed about this throughout process.

Artist Link is committed to customers’ success and the protection of customer data. We hope that we have shared with you all the information you need in this area, but in the event that we haven’t, or if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to reach us out on